Sunday, 8 July 2012

I know its been quiet...

so not many updates of late I know... work has been crazy, and trying to catch up on some jobs around the house...

So this week im taking the frame to a mates place to get the racers out of the head stem...gonna tig a bead along the inside edge to get them bitches out, in there pretty darn tight.

Also getting the tires off and de-lacing the wheels.

Sanded paint of my Daytona blinkers (really poor powedercoat on them...paint was just flaking off...).  Hit them with some wet and dry and then some autosol real quick. They look pretty nice, still unsure if i will keep them raw or paint em.

It all really comes down to the colours i go with, will have to get into photoshop soon and play with some colours.

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