Saturday, 9 June 2012

It Begins.

The W has been mine for about 3 years.  Over this time it has seen quite a few tweaks and bolt on tart ups but i have always wanted to pull it off the road for a full respray and mod.

Its finally off the road and in the process of a major strip and hack.

The plan:
* full strip down
* remove starter motor
* slim battery
* hide all that electrical guts
* chop off any lugs/mounts/metal that has no business being there
* side cover removal
* do...something with the exhaust
* new mount for speedo....was zip ties until about 4 weeks ago...
* relocate ignition...or install super secret hush hush switch
* all bearing refresh
* new clutch
* new disk and rear shoe
* respray and decals
* re run loom
* polish and clear coat engine covers...currently raw aluminium...fking hassle.

Stay tuned for more photos of the strip down, chop & grind.

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